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Graphene / titanium composite material and its preparation method

2017-03-29 14:13:57 Zhejiang Youwei New Material Co. Ltd. Read

Wuhan University of Technology has developed a graphene / titanium composite material and its preparation method. The preparation method comprises the following steps:

1) adding the graphene oxide to the water, mixing and dispersing the mixture to obtain a clear graphene solution;

2) removal of titanium oxide surface oxide film;

3) Titanium powder for removing the surface oxide film is added to the obtained graphene oxide solution to obtain a graphene / titanium mixed solution;

4) The prepared graphene / titanium mixed solution is ultrasonically dispersed and then ball milled, and the resulting mixture is freeze-dried to obtain a mixed powder;

5) The mixed powder is sufficiently ground, and then subjected to electric field activation pressure assisted sintering, and the graphene / titanium composite material is cooled.

The developed graphene / titanium composites have excellent properties such as high strength, high corrosion resistance and low resistivity, and are of great significance in industrial applications.